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27th January 2014

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The kingly crownéd head, the vigilant eye
The counsellor heart, the arm our soldier,
Our steed the leg, the tongue our trumpeter.
~ Coriolanus - Act 1, Scene 1

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30th June 2013

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27th June 2013

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17th January 2013

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16th January 2013

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30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - Tom Hiddleston
Even outside of Marvel, whenever I am working on a film, I try to not think about what people will think about it once it’s made. It will make you self-conscious and self-aware. You just have to be thinking, “Who is this guy? What does he want? It’s my responsibility to play this guy and his version of the truth is my responsibility. What other people see in that representation is up to them.” I didn’t know that people were going to like what I did in Thor as Loki. It’s nice that they liked it. But it is that thing of “to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

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4th August 2012

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“There is a huge amount of bromantic love going on between Hiddleston and Hemsworth. We immediately got on. We both had the same sense of humor, and there must be something in Australian and English schools that er, this thing of basically ribbing each other - basically taking the piss out of each other all the time. All about mutual ridicule and mutual mockery, but also with an undercurrent of a lot of admiration and respect.” Tom Hiddleston

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25th July 2012

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 78-87/100 photos of mr. hiddleston

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20th July 2012

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The first time I went training with Chris, it was in Ken’s house in England. Behind the house he had a shed and there were a bunch of logs that he was chopping for the firewood… x

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17th July 2012

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12th July 2012

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